SMS Marketing Services And How They Work

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If you’re a small business looking to increase traffic and revenue, there are a few different avenues available to you. Today, one of the most effective ways is through SMS marketing. SMS marketing, for small businesses, in particular, is a great way to extend one’s reach while also helping to increase customer retention.

Here, we’ll go over all the ins and outs of SMS marketing including what it is and how it works.

What Are SMS Marketing Services?

SMS marketing is a phone-based marketing strategy not too dissimilar to old-school call lists. The difference here is that, rather than directly calling a prospective customer, they are instead sent a message through SMS. These messages can vary based on what the business wants to communicate at the time, ranging from promotions and specials to business updates, to reminders and announcements. SMS marketing can be, and is, used on a myriad of occasions, often including special events, occasions, or holidays.

How Does SMS Marketing Work?

The way sms marketing for small business works is by using five to six-digit shortcodes to a customer or person that has listed their phone number. Because they don’t include either the sender or the recipient’s full number, this ensures that both parties’ privacy is protected and kept secret. This means that small businesses don’t need large staff or designated numbers when using SMS marketing, instead able to use any dedicated phone with messaging capabilities.

Campaign Messages Vs. Transactional Messages

There are two types of message marketing one can implement when using SMS marketing. These are known as campaign message marketing and transactional message marketing.

Campaign message marketing operates much like an email blast, sending out a set script message to as many numbers as you want. These are often used when it comes to store-wide promotions or sales, announcements, or specific updates that everyone should be aware of.

Transactional message marketing operates almost exactly the opposite. Rather than target large groups of people, transactional messages are meant to target a single customer. These are used as confirmation of an order, an alert about something they were looking for, or even an outright transaction notification.

You are not bound by either of these methods. Depending on the situation, you may end up using one or both of these, so understanding how they work and when to use them is vitally important.


When it comes to SMS marketing, we are fast approaching a time when it is no longer an option. With print, radio, and tv marketing progressively becoming obsolete, SMS marketing is one of the few methods available to small businesses looking to affordably compete with the larger brands. By understanding how it works and the best ways to implement it, you can very quickly find a whole new level of public outreach in your favor.

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