What You Need to Know About Estate and Real Estate Marketing

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Stone & Sallus LLP, located in Manhattan Beach CA, is among the major firms in the US for representing clients in estate planning and real estate matters. The firm was founded by two lawyers who were regarded as the first US attorneys to specialize in probate, including trust administration, probate, and estate administration. The company’s website includes a list of attorneys located throughout the United States, as well as lawyers with specialized expertise in real estate, including foreclosures.

Stone & Sallus LLP continues to be active in meeting your legal needs, now that the internet has connected the world. In 2004, they took appropriate steps to protect the confidentiality of client communications and have taken all necessary actions to prevent public exposure of CO VID- nineteen. For more than ten years, the law firm has been actively involved in real estate law and real estate marketing, with an emphasis on real estate planning and estate marketing. During this time, they have developed solid relationships and trust with the leading estate planning attorneys and consultants nationwide. They have a thorough understanding of state and local probate requirements and are always prepared to advise their clients about any potential probate difficulties.

As one of the leading real estate law firms in the country, Stone & Sallus is authorized to provide a full range of estate planning and real estate marketing services to meet the diverse legal needs of today’s estate market. These include expert consultation regarding estate planning, probate, and asset protection. With a history of experience and dedication to delivering excellent legal counsel, Stone & Sallus is well known among estate planners and lawyers. They also work closely with other professionals such as attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and real estate brokers.

One of Stone & Sallus’ most common services is their comprehensive estate planning and real estate marketing program. This highly customized service focuses on creating a customized package to fit each client’s specific legal, financial, and lifestyle needs. They provide this service by focusing on the entire family, including parents, children, spouses, grown children, and grandchildren. All Stone & Sallus LLP services are tailored to suit the needs of the client and their unique situation.

Additionally, the Stone & Sallus team of experts provides additional services such as estate planning litigation support, transactional support, and estate planning licensing. Their experienced estate planning attorneys and consultants are there to guide you through every step of the process. Through effective marketing and strategic planning, they aim to give you the best results possible so that you can enjoy your wealth for years to come. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please visit their website at stonesalluslaw.com.